• Simple and Sustainable


    Brining the concept of sustainability from the table into our lives, it is a living style that we wish to introduce through our products. Minimize energy usage and ingredient wastage, as well as demolishing all non-eco-friendly practices, No Meating has rigorous standards from manufacturing through to selling processes.


  • Locavore


    Using only the freshest ingredient and preserved the nutrients from the soil. We want to implement the idea of “farm-to-fork” into our livings such as reducing carbon footprint. Preserving the original flavours of all ingredients used (soybean, onion, burdock, vegetable…etc.) with natural coloring and herbs. No GMO produces. Our high-tech temperature/humidity control system guarantees all No Meating products being preservatives-free.


  • Savory


    Being vegetarian is a choice, yet compromising taste for health should not be an option for any vegetarian delights. No Meating uses the most cutting edge technology to recreate plant proteins into a fibrous, meat-like texture that resembles muscle fibers. We have also integrated the concept of “cooking made easy” into our products. Enjoying vegetarian meats can be just as easy and convenient.


  • Science


    We have embraced and combined the 9 essential amino acids through data management to provide high-quality protein (nutrient) and dietary fiber. We have successfully acquired multiple certifications and accreditations, in order to assure food safety standards from raw material to end product. Our food safety management system and policies with information transparency reassure best quality products at all time.