「Coconut oil, Italian grapeseed oil, sesame oil」

    Natural vegetable oils give extra aromas and tender texture to vegetarian meat. 100% Top quality Italian grapeseed oil. Using only the best oils, finest quality vegetarian delights guaranteed.


    「Vitamin A, B(B complex), C, E, carotene, calcium, phosphorous, iron, potassium」

    The best gift from mother nature, soybean is rich in lecithin, Calcium, vitamins, dietary fiber and 15 different isoforms of isoflavones, providing vegetarian meat nutrients equaling to the red meat. High in dietary fiber, minimizing cholesterol intake.


    「Onion, burdock, sesame, beetroot, red yeast rice」

    Best local vegetables and herbs have been selected to create the delicious taste of vegetarian burger paddy, where beetroot, sesame and red yeast from Taiwan petty farmers have been added for extra layers of flavor and color. The healthier and tastier choice with less carbon footprint.



    「Soy protein, pea protein, glutenin」

    Hormone-free, non-GMO, zero artificial color/MSG/chemical additives, Healthy for the human body and eco-friendly to the environment, Include the 9 essential and nutritious amino acids, Pea protein supplements high-quality protein (nutrient) to the body 100% non-GMO soy protein, giving extra meat-like texture